Few other doodles of mine in the Complete Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe
how to cure sadness!!!


my dear fellow bloggers…. a way too big amount of you is feeling sad and you guys need to end this. imma help you

  1. please cry. it doesnt make you weak to cry, it will only make you feel better, cry as much as you want, please!
  2. share your feelings. it may be with your parents, a close friend, your followers, or you could write a huge rant about how you feel down in your diary. i’ve done that and it did help me to clear this out. 
  3. treat yourself with food you like!!! dont feel guilty about it. have that chocolate, those chips, the ice cream thats waiting for you in your freezer
  4. now change your mind. do something you like, maybe its art, music, sports, you could read a good book, watch a comedy, go walk your dog, cuddle your cat… or even… study…. 
  5. build yourself a tag with posts that make you happy! i have this tag thats filled with cute animals. how can anyone be sad at the sight of fluffy lil buddies? ??!? 
  6. make yourself a happy playlist with songs that make you happy, remind you of good memories, etc. tbh this song makes me so very happy these days, but maybe thats just me. this playlist will be precious!! 
  7. last but not least, take time. breathe. dont feel bad for being sad, its normal. if anything, i am here (and im sure so many other ppl are too) to talk to you whenever you feel the need. 

:-))) luv u all 


Installation view of Tan Lines Spring/Summer 2014
the roof is not my son


but i will raise it


i’m cute as hell, which is incidentally where i came from