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i should be writing my research paper but instead im editing selfies oops

Students sitting for an exam in Afghanistan.

Anonymous asked: please do a tutorial on your hair! <3

it’s really simple lol i just do a simple french braid down the back of my head like this (i just found this pic from google) and sleep on it and when i wake up the next morning before i leave the house i undo the braid and that’s how my hair turns out! plus it’s heatless so yay

am i the only one who thinks the song bound 2 itself isnt that bad?? lol i mean i kinda like it, its unique

my partner for a physics project is so unreliable and ugh idek what to do!! i have a project due in less than two days where we have to make up our own lab and collect data and do a report and we’ve barely done anything and ive collected my part of the data but i have no idea if she has even collected hers and i can’t do anything more bc i don’t have her set of fucking data and whenever i text her to ask for her data or something or if she’s done her part she replies like a while later like “im not in my dorm rn ill send it to u later” and she doesn’t even send it to me???? like u live on CAMPUS I DONT UNDERSTAND???????? i feel like shes just hasnt really done anything like why else can u not fucking send me ur data??? like we have so much shit to do and i have so much shit from other classes due too and finals coming up and this is just adding to my anxiety

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Anonymous asked: your hair! <3

ty!!! sadly now that the cold weather is kickin in my hair is being a lil bitch and going all flat and wont hold the waves :((

♡♡ summer throwback for u all ♡♡