Anonymous said: did you end up seeing iggy azalea?

no :(((( no one ended up contacting me that day which was so depressing (but i still got love 4 iggy) but on the plus side i bought the 2 tickets for $80 and ended up selling them for $150 a few hours b4 the show

a couple days ago this rly cute skater looking guy came to my checkstand at work and he asked me “hows it going” and i was like “not bad u” and he was like “kinda tired haha” and i was like “me too haha” and he asked what time im getting off work and i was like “in a few min” and in my head i was like omg!!!!!! pls stay!!!!!!!!!! but nope he was like “nice” and then he said bye and took his bags and left :(((

im gonna see iggy azalea live in 2 days!!!! im so excited but i dont wanna get my hopes up bc the venue is 19+ but when tickets first came out she said it’d be all ages but she tweeted @ me saying that she’ll have someone contact me the day of the show and im scared no one will actually contact me and i wont get in but im keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!


things i need

  • a leather jacket
  • a pet bunny

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